Top 5 Benefits of Asphalt Driveways

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Asphalt Driveway’s Benfits

Asphalt is a wonderful option, whether you’re building a new driveway or replacing an existing one. Asphalt driveways done correctly can perform just as well as concrete driveways at a fraction of the cost. In comparison to concrete, asphalt requires frequent sealing to remain in good condition, but concrete is almost maintenance-free. By contrast, asphalt is a petroleum product, and it is more flexible and less prone to cracking than concrete.

Asphalt driveways advantages


While both asphalt and concrete are prone to cracking in specific spots, asphalt is more flexible than a concrete slab, making it less prone to severe cracking. When asphalt does crack, it is typically not as extensive as a long fault-line crack that extends from edge to edge, as concrete cracks frequently do.


Asphalt frequently outperforms concrete in harsh winter conditions and is less vulnerable to salt and ice melt damage.

Easy to install

The installation process is simple: fresh asphalt is nearly immediately usable compared to new concrete, which takes approximately a week.


Asphalt that has become worn or damaged can be resurfaced and resealed to restore its appearance and life, and homeowners can perform the work. DIY concrete repairs sometimes involve sealing cracks and plugging holes, and the repairs are frequently evident.


Asphalt driveways might be less expensive than concrete or pavers if you require a lengthy driveway due to their lower labour requirements and faster installation time. Asphalt driveways are frequently up to 40% less than concrete driveways while giving the same level of performance.

An asphalt driveway can last between 12 and 30 years without needing to be maintained. Asphalt driveways’ duration is governed by the type of asphalt used, the amount of traffic they receive, how well they are maintained, and the climate in which they are located, with roads in warmer regions having a shorter lifespan.

Expert contractors typically build asphalt driveways due to the highly specialized equipment and techniques required. Conduct due investigation before hiring a contractor, as there are a plethora of fly-by-nighters prepared to take your money in exchange for substandard service.