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Do you want a durable, hard-wearing road or driveway with very little maintenance? Asphalt may be the perfect choice for you.

Featuring a smooth finish, asphalt tends to be more durable than bitumen, and can will often last for more than 20 years. Due to it’s high durability, it’s better suited for high traffic areas. Often used for highways and roads, asphalt is considered more skid resistant, reducing noise and ensuring the safety of drivers.

QLD Driveways specialise in asphalt laying across South-East Queensland, and take care of everything from preparation right through to completion.

Top 3 Benefits of Asphalt driveways

More Durable Than Bitumen

In our experience, Asphalt driveways generally outperform bitumen in terms of durability and they can last over 20 years, providing an excellent return on investment.

Best For High Traffic Areas

With Asphalt’s high durability, it’s a recommended surface for high traffic areas.

Suitable For Safety

Asphalt is the main choice for highways and roads because it’s generally more skid resistant. This helps the surface limit noise and helps ensure the safety of drivers.

QLD Driveways

Bitumen Driveways Gold Coast

If you are looking for a new cost-effective driveway, you may want to consider bitumen.

Bitumen, also known as Two Coat Seal, is cheaper to install, and best suited for low traffic areas. Because it’s level of thickness is comparatively lower than asphalt, it tends to be less durable but still has an average life span of 10 years.

Weather conditions will need to be considered when choosing bitumen, as it tends to be more sensitive to extreme temperatures.

QLD Driveways specialise in bitumen laying across South-East Queensland, and can take care of everything from preparation right through to completion.

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