How much does a driveway cost on the Gold Coast?

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Residents in Australia should budget roughly $2,000 for a conventional 30 square metre concrete driveway, or approximately $65 per square metre, including supplies and labour. 

Driveway construction is a big investment, even you find the most affordable driveway contractors. That is why it is essential to look for a contractor that can meet your expectations to enjoy the cost of your investment for your driveway. 

We often tend to look for the cheapest driveway contractors we can find, and however, we need to consider their credibility, license, and positive reviews from their previous clients. Once you have carefully assessed the credentials of your preferred contractor, you can contact them and discuss your terms. 

So, before you have a major revamp on your driveway, here are the factors that affect the price of its construction.


How much Concrete Driveways costs?

The cost of concrete driveways is affected by several variables, including the slope of the ground, access to the site, demolition, and removal of existing roadways.

Season: The time of year affects the price as well. For instance, concrete may be poured in the summer and winter, but both require unique mixtures, whereas spring and fall offer the best weather conditions. This affects the price, as concreters are very busy during the peak seasons.

Driveway additions: Adding a carport or gate to your driveway is another aspect that will affect the price. To estimate the cost of a carport, assume that it will cost approximately the same per square metre as your driveway. Single and double timber driveway gates cost between $450 and $1,200, whereas wrought iron and fancy gates cost substantially more.


Materials of the driveway

Although Australia’s driveways come in various styles, including timber sleepers, clay brick pavers, and bluestone pavers. Most Australians choose plain concrete with a smooth or brushed finish or visible aggregate.

Cost of a standard concrete driveway: A plain concrete driveway will cost approximately $65 per square metre and can be finished in various ways.

Price of a coloured concrete driveway: A coloured concrete driveway is formed by mixing a colouring pigment into the water and costs between $75 and $90 per square metre.

Cost of stamped concrete driveway: Stamped concrete driveways are created by imitating the look of bricks, pavers, or stones by stamping the concrete with designs. It costs between $100 and $150 per square metre to stamp a concrete driveway.

Cost of driveway with exposed aggregate: Revealed aggregate driveways, also known as pebblecrete, are a famous decorative finish in which the stones embedded in the concrete are exposed. A driveway made of exposed aggregate typically costs between $100 and $150 per square metre.

Concrete resurfacing cost: You may merely require resurfacing your driveway. The cost varies according to the type of concrete you already have or select. The cost of resurfacing a driveway can range from $30 and $150 per square metre for plain concrete and exposed aggregate driveways.