How long will an asphalt driveway last?

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Do Asphalt Driveways are made to last?

Whether you’re building a new driveway or replacing an old one, asphalt is a good option. A properly installed asphalt driveway can operate just as well as concrete but at a fraction of the price. Compared to concrete, asphalt requires regular sealing for proper maintenance, whereas asphalt is virtually maintenance-free. In contrast, asphalt is more flexible and less prone to cracking than concrete because it is a petroleum product.

Asphalt driveway benefits


While both asphalt and concrete are nearly certain to crack in areas, asphalt is more flexible than a concrete slab, making it less prone to major cracking. When asphalt does crack, it frequently does not extend to the extent of a lengthy fault-line crack that runs from edge to edge, as concrete cracks often do.


Asphalt often performs better in tough winter circumstances and is less susceptible to salt and ice melt damage than concrete.
Installation is simple: New asphalt is practically instantly usable, compared to new concrete, which takes about a week.


Asphalt that has been worn or damaged can be resurfaced and resealed to restore its appearance and extend its life, and homeowners can do the job. DIY concrete repairs often consist of sealing cracks and fixing holes, and the repairs are usually quite apparent.


If you require a lengthy driveway, asphalt driveways can be less expensive than concrete or pavers due to their lower labor requirements and shorter installation time. Asphalt driveways are frequently up to 40% less expensive than concrete driveways while providing equivalent performance.

How long does asphalt driveway last?

In comparison to concrete, an asphalt driveway can endure between 12 and 30 years before requiring maintenance. The longevity of asphalt driveways is determined by the type of asphalt used, the traffic load it receives, how well it is maintained, and the area in which it is located, with roads in warmer climates having a shorter lifespan.
Choosing an Asphalt Contractor
Asphalt driveways are usually installed by contractors who specialise in the job because it involves very specialised equipment and techniques. Conduct due diligence before choosing a contractor, as there are plenty of fly-by-nighters out there willing to take your money in exchange for poor service.